Welcome to InnovateHousing 2019


Presented by the Washington Center for Real Estate and Fannie Mae
November 5, 2019 | 8:00 am – 1:00 pm PST | Block 41

Following the program, please join us at the Innovation Marketplace downstairs to hear innovators and startups – like the ones below – pitch their disruptive ideas.



Their online platform guides users through the process of co-buying a home from start to finish. The company provides thoughtful planning, clear guidelines, and support for friends, family members, unmarried couples, or second home investors looking to reduce risk and save money when pooling financial resources to buy a home.


Every Home has a Story to Tell™ and HomeDiary helps homeowners tell their Story with amazing tools to manage the home, including Timeline, Inventory, Ideas and 3D Spaces. Through connected real estate Pros, HomeDiary can help people sell homes faster and for more money, or it can be the ultimate closing gift to help jump start the new home journey. Download the iOS app or login via any browser and start managing your existing home for free at homediary.com



Provides pay-as-you-go housing solutions for the Urban Age. Services include designing and building modular housing that brings intelligent architectural design to a mass market and offers an affordable and flexible entry point for homeownership.


Provides portable shelter systems to prevent and reduce homelessness. The company’s shelters are made from high-quality, durable, cost-effective aluminum and composite materials.


Close to Home

Their online post-disaster housing platform offers emergency shelters and temporary homes and helps in rebuilding and restoring communities after natural disasters.

Sustainable Living Innovations

Helps reduce costs, speed delivery, and leverage sustainable materials by delivering mid-rise and high-rise residential projects. Through a patented technology, factory-made components are trucked to the project site and assembled to create the finished building.


Doorside is an on-demand marketplace platform for real estate agents. Push a button, get connected with other agents who can tour properties, host open houses and more. Doorside helps busy agents get support fast and helps new agents earn income weekly, all in one app.


Kleard is a mobile app that provides smart tech for the real estate industry. Kleard’s core technology allows for real-time buyer verification at open houses and showings for increased agent productivity and safety. Buyers can also receive loan pre-approval assistance in a more streamlined way when using Kleard.



Providing end-to-end real estate brokerage and technology support, the company helps every day homebuyers find homes, make all-cash offers, and close in as few as two days. The end result is better terms for both seller and agent at negotiation.